Farshyn. Eighteen. Thomasian.
{angelic power}
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Model: Kit Masigan
Hair and Makeup: Renz Guevarra
Props: Angelica Caparros and Lj Villareal
Light: Freya Dlr Torres
Photography and Post-processing: Ferlyn Landoy

This is our preliminary plate for our Photography Elective under Sir Ruston Banal. The requirement is to do a high fashion shoot under the given theme “Quiapo Pasyon”. We chose the concept of a Fortune Teller.

"You’re only given one little spark of madness you musn’t lose it."

- Robin William (via teacupfortwo)

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thoughts from an emergency room

The hands of time pass each number
As I try to be awake from this slumber
I willingly ask myself not to wander
But my mind drifts away more further

In my dream, the buildings collapse together
And all I could do was shudder
Because I’m the only one left to wonder
What it is like to live forever

I’m blanketed with dust and powder
Ashes fall like stars as they shower
Is there any possibility for being better?
But the sky answers me only with a thunder

I run for protection and shelter
And I find myself behind a window shutter
The wailing in my head drown as the rain pours harder
“Help” is the only word I could muster

I said, “I could not swim, brother.”
Still, you pushed me in the water
It’s the only memory I remember
Before my vision turned darker

I do not know of my rescuer
Outside, the wind blows stronger
And in that house, I’m a stranger
As I am now, today in 5th of November

“I wish I had been braver,”
I whisper in a desperate prayer
I am now a withered flower,
Waiting for another chapter.

a series of unfortunate events.


fern & ferlyn.

I decided yet again to make something for myself. The word ‘fern’ is something I hold deeply in my heart [ wut ] for it tells a lot about certain experiences in my life. Plus, I love plants.

The name is handwritten, the one I traced over before to make it as a vector.